The Depot – Simplifying Ordering and Increasing Efficiency

‘We’ve knocked about half an hour off our ordering times, everyday’

Head Chef
31st August
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Suppliers & Ordering

Cost Savings

COGS is bottom line for businesses – it can run your business down if not drilled down and maintained.

FoodByUs reporting tools also play a crucial role in driving lower costs for The Depot. The reporting tools allow them to have full visibility of their spending, enabling them to identify areas where they can save and optimize their purchasing decisions. The overview of food costs and insights into product spending help The Depot identify any potential cost outliers or areas where they can negotiate better deals with suppliers. Jade says “These cost-saving measures enable us to allocate resources more effectively and even offer giveaways to our patrons and customers, enhancing their overall dining experience.”

Convenience & Collaboration

“The platform is so easy to use, even older staff can figure it out.”

“I can search for specific products or browse through different categories with ease, finding exactly what I need in a matter of clicks,” says Jade. The ability to compare prices and product details across various suppliers directly within the platform allows her team to make well-informed decisions without the need to manually visit multiple websites or make numerous phone calls. With the platform being easy to use and providing transparency and comparability, Jade says their experience with FoodByUs has been extremely positive. Moreover, the staff appreciates the support and level of service provided by the FoodByUs team.

Overall, FoodByUs’s user-friendly interface, consolidated ordering process, search and compare feature, and collaborative capabilities make it incredibly easy for Jade and her team to manage their food supply ordering effectively. FoodByUs provides a centralised hub for the entire team at The Depot to collaborate and communicate regarding their orders. The platform allows the chefs and staff members to view and amend each other’s orders, ensuring that no crucial items are missed and promoting a cohesive and efficient ordering process. This collaborative approach not only saves time but also enhances accuracy and minimizes errors in the ordering process.

FoodByUs interviewed Jade, Head Chef at the Depot Bondi.

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