Alasya Bakery – How FoodByUs Nurtures Family-Owned Bakery’s Business Growth

‘FoodByUs increases visibility of our brand online – we consistently have new customers coming through.’

Ayse Bekir
March 19th, 2024
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The Journey of Alasya Bakery

Alasya Bakery produces the finest range of artisan Turkish breads, and bakery products.

Their breads and pastries are individually hand-crafted pieces, baked in stone floor, wood-fired ovens. But whilst their facilities are modern, their processes are thoroughly old-school.

Offered Categories
Delivery Information
Minimum OrderCut-off TimeDelivery FeeDelivery Days
$30.002 PM Next Day$3.00 (Free after $200)Monday to Saturday

Streamlining Operations with FoodByUs

Brand Exposure

The Power of Visibility

‘FoodByUs gives a great overview of what’s happening and helps me stay on top of my business.’

Guaranteed Payments

‘With FoodByUs, I’ve never had to chase a customer up for payments. I get paid every week, guaranteed.’

FoodByUs interviewed Ayse Bekir, Owner of Alasya Bakery.

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