See how FoodByUs’ all-in-one platform creates consistency for Zetland Hotel

‘Running a pub is time consuming. There are more pressing things to do with my time than worry about ordering from 8 different suppliers.’

Rob Adland
Executive Director at Zetland Hotel
Zetland Hotel
Venue type: Pub + Bistro
Number of suppliers: 8
Most used features:
Pantry List
Standing Orders
Fun fact: Family owned for multiple generations


Zetland Hotel is a classic family owned and run pub located in the heart of Sydney’s new Green Square development precinct. Rob Adland has been helping run the business alongside his wife and family, and together they’ve been excited to take on a new direction for the pub - one which enlightens the dining and drinking experience.

It’s all about efficiency in a pub

‘Ordering has become a lot more traceable which has improved efficiency immensely.’

Ordering from 8 suppliers, Zetland Hotel used a variety of methods including text, email, fax or ‘anything really!’ This created efficiency problems for the business, in particular the overflow of invoices that often got lost, which Rob explained as ‘annoying, uncertain and a waste of time.’ FoodByUs opened up Rob’s time, allowing him to manage the pub’s other core revenue streams of beverages, gaming and entertainment. Ultimately, the ordering process is now simpler which he believes has ‘changed the pubs business due to the aggregation. It’s all there - who did it, and what we ordered. Now it's efficient.’

A well-known feature of FoodByUs that Rob loves is that you can order from any device - whether that's your mobile phone, ipad, or laptop it's the same process, same consistency, and same reliability, every single time. Only Rob and the Head Chef use the FoodByUs platform, and ordering can be done in 10 - 15 minutes, which he considers to be a large improvement from previous methods.

Consistently consistent

‘I put my regularly bought products in my favourites pantry list so that the ordering is consistent. I like that I have total control.’

With a strong local crowd and plenty going on, consistency is everything in a pub. A simple yet effective FoodByUs feature that Rob praises is the ability to create a universal ‘pantry list’ - that is, a list of favorite products across any supplier on the network. This means he can quickly find what he needs, which makes ordering very efficient.

Another one of Rob’s top features is the ability to create a ‘standing order’ - that is, an order that repeats itself on certain days of the week or fortnight. Fully customisable to each venue’s needs and with text message reminders, this feature means nothing gets missed. Rob also loves that he can look at his previous (and standing) orders which creates ease when reordering, saying that FoodByUs ‘allows for shortcuts and just creates an easier way of doing things.’

Suppliers need to be reliable

‘What I care most about is service, delivery times and attitude.’

Every venue is unique and caters to different wants and needs. For Rob, his venue has a lot going on beyond food, he emphasises ‘I have never been particularly sensitive on price, what I really care about is the suppliers being accountable and on time.’

FoodByUs keeps suppliers accountable because it is a marketplace, where the power of choice is in the hands of the venue. Rob even managed to get an existing longstanding supplier onboard with FoodByUs, demonstrating what he dubs ‘the platform’s flexibility and resilience.’


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