How Auvers Cafe Saves Over $2,500 in Food Costs Every Week

‘Simply having an entire marketplace at my fingertips has dramatically lowered my COGS and streamlined my entire ordering process’

Yanto Liu
Head Chef
3rd April, 2023
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Catering to alternating menus

Cost savings

‘We save more than $2500 in COGS weekly. ’

There are a variety of ways in which FoodByUs can help cut down COGs. 

  1. Price Transparency from multiple suppliers
  2. Tendered Pricing

FoodByUs works closely with suppliers to build and maintain relationships, bringing food-service venues the best pricing possible. With an entire marketplace at their fingertips, Yanto and his team are able to easily compare prices from multiple suppliers and find the best options to suit their needs.

Trust, support & transparency

‘We’ve gotten to the point where we can confidently & independently use FoodByUs without any issues.’

With a rapidly technologising world, the hospitality industry is seeing a massive shift towards utilising tech to speed up their processes – including accounting, housekeeping, sales, ordering and CMS. Venues, like Auvers, have seen a drastic improvement in many areas of their business by choosing to make the switch.

FoodByUs interviewed Yanto Liu, Head Chef at Auvers Cafe, Darling Square.

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