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Uploading New Products

Handy Hints For Your Product Uploads
Baked Goods:
  • For items like bread, does it come sliced or unsliced? 
  • Be descriptive. For items like cookies, cakes, muffins and doughnuts, ensure a flavour is specified. Not just “Doughnut”.
  • If the product is sold by the individual unit, e.g: a cookie or a muffin, is there a minimum order quantity or pack size? E.g: are they sold in set packs e.g: a pack of 6. (i.e: you can only buy in multiples of 6), or is it just a minimum of 6, so the customer can purchase 7, 8, 9 units etc?
Dry Goods:
  • Have you included a brand name?
  • Is there a pack size listed i.e.: Is it clear to the customer what they are ordering?
  • If it is frozen (specifically for seafood and meat), is it specified in the product name?
  • When setting the portion on your product, Kilos or Grams should only be used where the product is priced by the kilo. Anything not sold by the kilo – sold by the box, tray, carton, bottle, packet etc would be 1 unit as the price is for the entire unit (entire box, bottle, packet etc).
  • When setting the portion in KG, it is important to list as close to the actual weight as possible. It is important to think “If I ordered 1 kilo, would I receive 1 kilo (or close to)?” Below are some examples:
    • Example 1:
      • A leg of ham has been set-up with a portion of 1kg. On the day the item weighs 7kg. The customer now receives 6kg more than they were expecting and also needs to be charged for the additional 6kg (+ 87% adjustment on the original cost). Knowing that the approximate weight of this item is 7kg, the product should be set up with a portion of 7kg.
    • Example 2:
      • A product is listed as 450g T-Bone with a portion of 1kg. The product name does not indicate that these come in a set pack of 5 steaks. The customer now receives 1.25kg more than they were expecting and also needs to be charged for the additional 1.25kg (+ 55% adjustment on the original cost).
      • The product should have been set-up as 5 x 450g = 2.25kg portion.


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