Greenlands Fruit – A Tale of Freshness, Quality & Partnership

‘The FoodByUs team feels like an extension of the Greenlands team, which has led to significant benefits.’ 

Vince Pezzano
November 10th, 2023
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About Greenlands

With combined family experience and long-standing customer relationships in the hospitality industry, Greenlands is a market-leading supplier of fruit and vegetables in Victoria.

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Delivery Information
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$0.0011 PMMonday to Saturday

Seamless Operations with FoodByUs

Partners: Working Together for Success

‘It’s a partnership, and it’s all about working with people you can trust.’

Enhancing Risk Management

‘Finalizing invoices is a game-changer. Capturing random weights is a massive part of what suppliers do.’

FoodByUs interviewed Vince Pezzano, Co-Owner of Greenlands Fruit in Victoria.

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