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How to contact a supplier

You can directly contact suppliers from your buyer dashboard. You may do so via:

  1. My Orders; or
  2. My Suppliers
Contacting a Supplier via “My Orders”

Step 1:

Go to My Orders > Orders.

Step 2:

Click “View” next to your order of concern.

Step 3:

Your supplier’s contact details will appear on the right hand side View Order page.

Step 4:

You can either call or send a message to the supplier.

Note: Some suppliers may not actively respond to messages sent through our platform and you may need to call them to receive a prompt reply. Reach out to our Customer Service Team if you have any concerns.

Reach out to our Customer Service Team if you have any concerns or trouble reaching a supplier.

Contacting a Supplier via “My Suppliers”

Step 1:

In the top bar menu, go to “My Suppliers”

Step 2:

Under the supplier that you’d like to contact, click “More Details

Step 3:

Click on the “Contact” tab to find the Supplier’s details.


Contact our support team

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(Please note during daylight savings we operate on AEDT)