Maker FAQ

A few general FAQ are below, and for the latest city-specific information visit your local FoodByUs Community website.

We get Makers orders by doing all the marketing, sales and payments for hungry Buyers. All you need to do is cook delicious food.

No, it’s free to join. We simply charge a fee for each successful order.

Whilst it does depend on a number of factors, many part-time Makers now earn over $600 per week.

We don’t. You do. You are your own boss and decide what you want to charge but we do have a nice recommendation guide to maximise sales.

We take payment from the Buyer upon order. For each completed order we pay you weekly (less our fee) directly into your bank account.

Our system allows you to setup different portion sizes and have any number of question/answer combinations to ask customers when they order. If this is still not enough, customers can contact you directly via your personal ‘contact’ form.

No, you can set the days you want to cook as well as how much notice you need for each order. Many Makers operate part-time. You can even limit the amount of food you’re happy to make so you aren’t overwhelmed.

No, you only need to make food to order. We ensure that orders are submitted to you with plenty of time for you to make the food.

No. However some Makers do offer delivery to nearby suburbs. You can also choose to have FoodByUs deliver for you. As FoodByUs is all about local food, about half the time Buyers will be just nearby and can pick up their food.

You can easily tell people you’re on holiday through your FoodByUs account. Everyone can still see your store but they can only order for when you say you’re back and making food again.

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