Buyer FAQ

FoodByUs is a place where people can buy & sell quality local food. It’s a way to discover and purchase the best homemade or hand crafted food from passionate local Makers who love to cook, bake and create.

We currently only operate in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. If you are not in these States, please register your interest and we will be in touch as soon as we are coming to your area.

Yes, selling almost all types of food made from home is legal – food regulations are a little different in each State and the appropriate notification and permissions need to be obtained. Organising permission is not difficult and we can help guide you through this process. We even have a range of free courses available to help you out.

Not just anyone is allowed to sell food on FoodByUs. FoodByUs test the quality of every single applicant by tasting and rating a sample of their food. We also collect identification from every applicant. Once approved, every order is rated after purchase – so you can easily see what the community thinks of our Maker’s food.

Makers are not restaurants, instead all food is completely made fresh to order. Every Maker sets their own preparation time so it is a little different depending on what is on offer. On average most items can be ordered as little as 1 day in advance. Use the ‘How do I get it?’ link on each Maker page to see your options and timing.

You can directly contact any of our Makers by pressing the ‘contact’ button on their store.

Often your Maker is nearby, so you can easily pick your food up. For all other cases FoodByUs is here to help with our network of speedy drivers. Use the ‘How do I get it?’ link on the Maker page to see your options and timing.

On any Maker’s page you can simply press the ‘How Do I Get It?’ button and we’ll show you delivery options and the next available date.

No, FoodByUs does not deal with restaurants or suppliers who make food that needs to be delivered hot and eaten ASAP. Rather, our network is small and home-based food makers who offer authentic food that is made completely from scratch.

Anything and everything, our most popular categories include: heat-to- eat dinners (lasagne, casserole), baked goods (breads, bagels), cakes, sweet treats (chocolates, doughnuts, cupcakes), sauces, relishes, pickles, jams, juices, teas and more. In all cases the food is high quality, difficult to find from any other source, and locally made.

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