Buyer FAQ

FoodByUs is a marketplace for B2B Buyers (cafes, restaurants, hotels and other foodservice businesses) to place orders direct with local foodservice Suppliers of all sizes.

We currently operate in NSW. We are hard at work setting up in other states and aim to be Australia wide soon. If you are outside NSW, register your interest and we will be in touch.

Joining is quick, easy and free. There are no lengthy application forms and credit checks. However, we do need to confirm that you are a legitimate Foodservice business that is eligible to use the platform. Simply complete the short sign up form and we can have you up and running in no time.

None, Zero, Nadda. FoodByUs do not charge Buyers nor mark up Supplier prices – instead we take a small fee from the Supplier for anything sold through our website.

Everything. We cover the full spectrum of what your foodservice business would need. Baked Goods & Sweets, Coffee & Tea, Dairy, Fruit Veg & Spice, Meat & Poultry, Seafood, Dry Goods, Beverages, Cleaning & Prep, Packaging and Meals.

Let us know which Suppliers you feel are lacking and our Supplier Sales Team will contact them to sign them up. Notify us here.

FoodByUs aims to get the very best Suppliers per category to give you a huge range of products and also the confidence that you can trust the quality of the Supplier. We have a strong vetting process to ensure this is the case.

Each Supplier manages their own delivery schedules and you can easily see cut-off times and minimum order quantities at a glance. Delivery itself is either through our network of speedy drivers or done directly by the Supplier. Either way, you are fully informed about when your products will arrive.

No. Suppliers set the pricing you see at competitive rates – we encourage the best deals possible! We do not mark up prices or charge Buyers, rather we take a small fee from the Supplier for anything sold through our website.

Yes. We support payment via direct debit which can be setup instantly upon checkout.

Yes. However, this is based on a per Supplier approval process. FoodByUs facilitates the tech behind payment terms but the financial risk belongs to the Supplier and they therefore decide who they are prepared to offer terms to.

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